Wuxi SNC Power Technology Co., Ltd. was established in May 2016. The factory covers an area of 5440 square meters with a total investment of 30 million yuan. It mainly produces permanent magnet motors and motor controllers independently developed in China. The company adopts highly intelligent production equipment, lean manufacturing process and excellent product design and development team to provide high-performance, high stability and high integration quality new energy power system products for major vehicle manufacturers.
      At present, the company's products cover 60KW-300KW, realizing the design, development, testing and verification capabilities of the whole series of core products of electric motors and electric controls. The power train system integration scheme has more than 20 configuration applications, supports various technical routes such as pure electric power and hybrid power, and is widely used in the fields of new energy city logistics vehicles, passenger cars, light and medium trucks, etc. It effectively utilizes modular and systematic product design, and provides customers with excellent, efficient and reliable electric drive systems and power train solutions through optimization, matching and coordination for some application scenarios.
      Wuxi SNC Power Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the cooperative tenet of honesty, preciseness, win-win cooperation and people-oriented to promote the sustainable development of new energy automobile industry and bring more value experience to customers.