The SNC R&D Center brings together professional teams at home and abroad, integrates industry advantages, has a high-quality team of 200 people, and develops research directions covering various aspects such as electromagnetic design, mechanical design, process equipment, control algorithm, hardware research and development, software research and development, system research and development, etc. It has formed an efficient product development process and can simultaneously develop multiple projects. In addition, overseas German crowdsource research and development teams are involved to create a new height for crowdsource research and development centers. SNC German R&D Center is located in Munich, Germany's technology center. Attached to the rich resources in the developed automobile industry and technology field, we have a group of elite R&D personnel to identify the latest driving technologies faster and better. The R&D center is committed to optimizing and further developing the performance of electric drive systems and innovative control software solutions. German R&D Center and SNC R&D Center headquarters cooperate deeply to further develop and innovate the electric drive system